Thursday, 18 June 2015

How To Gather Information About Someone Online?

  • Google about them: Just try googling their name, also check google image results page. Were they ever on the news? Google search their name and select the appropriate date range.  
  • Search for them on Facebook. You can find them using Facebook Graph search or their friends. Their company, school, college groups & pages will also help you. Once you get their profile, it might have a username, do a Google Search with that username to get more social media profiles, online forum profiles etc.
  • Email: If you know their email address, Google it or search using the username part of that email address (the part before @). You'll get some profiles if they have signed up using that username.
  • Name+Location/Job/Employer/College/School: Use their name plus any of the parameters, this will bring some results if they are active on the internet.
  • Phone number: Google their phone number if you have it.
  • Reverse image search: Go to google image search and upload an image of theirs if you have any. If you are lucky, you'll get their images from somewhere else on the web (that is if they have actually uploaded it to the public.
  • College/School website: If they are/were an active member of their college, chances are there will be some information about them on the websites or databases, even phone number will be there if they were in charge of some college club or coordinated events.
  • Company website: Some company websites have information about their employees. Or you can find their colleagues using Facebook or LinkedIn and find more information about them from the profiles.
  • Whois Lookup: If they have a website, you can look up its whois data. If they have not purchased whois guard, chances are you can find information like their phone number, email and even address if they have given those correctly.
.If you have any other ideas for looking up people online, do share in comments. In the next post, I will talk about privacy and how one can protect themselves online. 

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