Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What to do when you accidentally delete saved passwords from Google Chrome?

Today, I accidentally deleted saved passwords from Google Chrome browser on my laptop when I tried to sign out from Chrome on Windows. I don't remember what I did, probably checked some boxes I wasn't supposed to check! Anyway, it was really an awful experience because when I signed back in, Chrome synced everything except my passwords! I was at loss because I had over 300 passwords saved to my Google Account on Chrome! (I know it's scary!). So, I did some Googling and found someone saying you can retrieve it from another device that syncs with your Google Account (but wasn't online when this happened). 

Now, I use Chrome on my PC, phone and Kindle. Phone is always online and it got synced immediately. So, I checked my Kindle and luckily it was offline! It was also a rooted device as required. I was happy and got into the root folder of Chrome data and copied the database containing saved passwords which was synced probably yesterday when I used the Kindle for browsing. I copied it to my PC, into the Chrome App Data folder thinking it would sync my passwords. But it didn't work! Then I tweeted about the issue, asking for help and someone, probably a Google support guy, from Germany replied to me saying I need to Reset the Chrome Sync. So, I got into my PC again and went to this link: https://www.google.com/settings/chrome/sync which resets or removes Chrome data from Google Account (but doesn't touch the data saved on my computer), so that when I sign in again, I  can sync the data on my PC to my Google Account. I thought it would work, now I had all the data I needed, plus the retrieved password database too, in place. I did the reset. Again, everything got uploaded back to Google, EXCEPT the passwords!!! It was frustrating...! I went to Quora and asked what to do...no replies! Then I realized, I can do the reset once more, but this time, I signed in from my Kindle after resetting sync on the PC. So, all the data on the Kindle, along with the password got uploaded back to Google! Yay! Problem solved!!

So, this is what I did.

Okay. If you find that your passwords have been removed and you have another device which isn't connected to the internet, go to: Chrome Sync and click "Reset sync" button at the bottom. Now chrome will stop syncing from the device you are currently logged in. Logout and close Chrome. Get the other device online and open Chrome in it. Now, open Chrome's settings and make sure Sync in ON. Again, open the above page in from the current device and see if the data is synced up. When it is finished syncing, go to your first device (from which you did reset sync earlier) and now sign in to chrome again. You will have everything back to normal in a few minutes. 

Remember, this works only if you use a Chrome on another device and that device is not always online, especially not when you accidentally deleted the passwords! If you sign in to Chrome from only one device, your saved passwords are probably lost. (Maybe a system restore might work. I haven't tried though!)

I tried copying the Login Data from one device to another, but it didn't really work because the file is encrypted to be used only with that particular device.

Another thing is, Google Chrome saves passwords in a very unsafe way on your computer..... :-/ I don't wanna talk about it here...!

I hope this helps someone :D

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  1. The last paragraph says everything :P

  2. You saved me many hours of password resetting - thank you!

  3. Dear Author,

    Thanks for the above, but truthfully, I didn't get you well. Can you please rephrase your guide in a clearer way. Or if I give you my problem, I believe you might help.
    Accidentally I've deleted the passwords from my work computer ( chrome). After I read your paragraph, I went home and turned on My MACbook and directly switched off the internet, when I went into the chrome settings, I found that the passwords are still there.
    Can you please give me a more detailed step by step how to do it. I will be very great-full.
    PS: couldn't find the place were i do Reset Sync.

  4. Dear Author, thanks a lot for the info. I actually worked.
    What I did is that I signed out from chrome on the computer which I had the passwords deleted on. My Mac at that time was off, I turned it on and directly turned Wifi off in order not to sync and delete passwords. Then went into syn and reset sync there too. Passwords were still there, then I turned on Wifi and Synced it , and voila, passwords uploaded. Came back to the work computer synced once again and passwords are there.
    Many thanks

    1. Hey, I'm glad it worked :)

      Sorry, I couldn't reply to your first comment because I was out of town comment notification got buried in my email!

      Good day!

  5. Thank you so much for this post!

  6. Many Thanks for this post - it was a huge help, so grateful for having a rooted phone and an old Nandroid backup.

    For the Android users out there, after resetting SYNC as described on PC in article above, I restored an old copy of /data onto my phone and BINGO! all of my accidentally deleted passwords were restored, I then ensured that the phone Sync'd and logged back into the PC and all passwords back. :)


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