Monday, 7 May 2018

How To Stop Being A Misinformed Fool On Social Media

"Information is undoubtedly the most powerful force currently in the world. Those who are new to sharing information often do not realize the power that they wield."
Misinformation is false or incorrect information, spread intentionally or unintentionally.
Don't let social media misinform you!

Here are the golden rules!
Rule #1: Don't Believe Everything You See on Social Media.
Rule #2: Don't Believe "anything" you see on social media unless you can verify the authenticity of the source.
Rule #3: Google before "share". Always!

Check the handle/account from which the information was originally posted (not shared necessarily). Sometimes fake handles/troll accounts use wrong spelling to impersonate a person or disguise as a brand.

For example, "India" and "lndia" aren't the same. The second one starts with a small letter "L" not "I".

Use Google to validate information. Search on site if you see something as "news". You can verify it's actually in the news.
Use Google Image Search to reverse search images to verify authenticity:
If you see something too good to be true or unbelievable .. Google it after appending "hoax"...
For example,
Don't get too excited when you see some news like:
"Iceland Pays $5,000 Per Month to Immigrants Who Marry Icelandic Women"
A simple search "Iceland Pays Immigrants Who Marry Icelandic Women Hoax" will give you the truth.
Don't panic if you see a warning:
"Do not drink coke and have mentos, the mixture will cause a chemical reaction and form cyanide causing your stomach to explode. ..."
Nothing will happen!! I've done it multiple times with no luck.. #sigh
And then again, sometimes people share fake news/posts they want to believe is true. Sorry, it doesn't work that way!
If you see any fake news on your timeline, report it.
Use social media with caution. (Even I am guilty of sharing things I shouldn't have shared.)
- Issued in Public Interest -

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