Saturday, 3 December 2016

OnePlus #DecemberDash - join me to win the OnePlus 3T and more for just ₹ 1!

Hi readers! 

I haven't abandoned this blog yet! Holiday Season is here and I'm back with a bang! 

Today, I'm gonna talk about something you wouldn't expect in this blog but I have to because it has been a year of unexpected everything! So, here it is! OnePlus #DecemberDash! If you are into sweepstakes and prizes, here is a chance to actually win something! That's right, I don't usually post these kind of stuff because I think sweepstakes and lucky draws are for the "lucky" people!

Well, that changed in October when OnePlus ran their #OnePlusDiwaliDash campaign and I ended up winning a backcover for my OnePlus X. Not only me but 2 of my colleagues also won prizes. Mind you, we are an office of just 11 people!! What are the odds? 

So, this month OnePlus is back with #DecemberDash with prizes ranging from earphones, dash chargers, backcovers, T-shirts and the brand new OnePlus 3T that has just launched in India! You can buy all these for just ₹ 1! Isn't that amazing? What else do you need?! Just sign up with your email id and share the news on Facebook, Twitter and wherever you wanna share it! You could be walking away with 128 Gig device with unbelievable specs! You can even gift it to someone this holiday season.! 

Good Luck! 

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